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Welcome to TEST

The TEST Network aims to support Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries in formulating and implementing sustainable transport policies which contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable economic development. A key constraint in these countries is the need for integrated transport solutions based on international best practice and experiences on the ground in SSA.     Read more...

TEST TandE Report Cover REPORT: Transport and the Environment

The TEST T&E report, written by a panel of international experts, provides an introduction to the transport and environment issues in Sub Saharan African countries. It focuses on the key transport-related areas of air pollution, road safety, traffic flow management, equity and climate change. Read more...

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Key transport issues in Africa

TEST Policy Dialogue


The main objective of this policy dialogue was to support transport stakeholders and policy makers in Africa to implement sustainable urban mobility through systematic investments in walking and cycling infrastructure.

The workshop also included an interactive training session where results of the two programmes (TEST and Share the Road) were presented. These included best practises and media communication for enhancing outreach to other countries in the region.

Read more: TEST Policy Dialogue

TEST Twitter Feed

afritest1 Launch Event: Global Initiative to End Routine Gas Flaring
afritest1 Road traffic deaths increase over Easter in Cape Town.
afritest1 TomTom - average commuter spent an extra 100 hrs/yr travelling during rush hour. See latest Congested City Ranking


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